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Activity Days

Meeting the needs of the London Autistic Community


Supporting the London Autistic Community

London Autism Group Charity is excited to introduce our initiative of Activity Days!

These will aim to further enrich the lives of the Autistic Community in London. This initiative, which is entirely free, will take place at the fantastic and accessible Holy Sepulchre Church in the City of London (Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DQ ).

Activity Days are designed to provide a wide range of engaging and interactive activities that cater to the diverse interests of Autistic individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


The Activities 

Music Therapy for Learning Difficulties              1 - 2pm         

Neurodivergent Artist's Collective                      1 - 3pm

Autistic Adult’s Women's Group                         1 - 3pm

Autistic Community Social Time                   1 - 3pm  



Autistic-led Tai Chi and mindfulness                    3 - 4pm

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