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Activity Days

Meeting the needs of the London Autistic Community

Autistic Women's Group

This is the Autistic Women's Group for London Autism Group Charity.  Meetings will be held monthly at the amazing venue of the Holy Sepulchre Church London. 

This is an in-person forum to talk about issues that are particularly relevant to Autistic and Neurodivergent women.  

There will be opportunities to learn about Neurodiversity, hearing from Autistic advocates and speakers on subjects that are important to you.  

There will be opportunities to air your views and to talk about any problems you may be personally facing in a safe and confidential setting.

The conversation will be guided by our wonderful volunteers, to allow as many people as possible a chance to speak.

In this group our mission is one of acceptance and inclusion of all Autistic women (including  those who are non-binary), with the aim of sharing experiences and giving peer support in a safe environment to foster connection and understanding for all.

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