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Our Vision

We began as a London Facebook Group for Autism that rapidly grew to hundreds and then thousands of people. While speaking to other members of the London Community who are Autistic, are parents, carers or have a connection to Autism, we realised that their many needs are not being met by the services that exist in the country today. 

After attempting to find other organisations to signpost people to, we realised that it is up to us to create new better services than what is currently on offer. We decided to become a charity, and now we will help create the change that is needed for the Autistic Community in London and beyond. 

The Future is what we make it. And as our Charity motto says: 

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference



One of our goals is to ensure that anyone wishing to learn about Autism can do so. To that end we aim to provide Workshops and speaking events where people can access information, increasing their knowledge and understanding.


One of our main aims here at London Autism Group Charity is promoting acceptance and inclusion. We aim to provide programmes to educate on the tenets of Neurodiversity, to improve public understanding. That difference does not mean deficit. This in turn will help increase good mental health and to reduce stigma.


One of the main reasons for the founding of London Autism Group was the lack of support for Autistic people and their families. We aim to address this with a comprehensive education programme for advocates across all areas of London. 

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