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Activity Days

Meeting the needs of the London Autistic Community

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Neurodivergent Artist's Collective

The aim of this project is that you will get to meet other neurodivergent artists, to discuss your work and the issues that you face getting into the Art industry. 

Initially, we can talk about making this the collective Artist's experience that you feel is missing from London. The Charity can provide access to materials or expertise that you need. For example, if the group decides that a demonstration of a particular medium of art would be helpful, we can make that happen next time.

Going forward we have lots of scope to have larger events held in this church, on Employment and to educate people on Autism and on Mental Health.

We are keen to help the Neurodivergent Artist's collective to find helpful links with people, organisations and companies based in the area. Together we can explore ideas and ways to help raise all of your profiles as artists. There is scope for example for having an art exhibition to publicise your work in the future. 

If you are a Neurodivergent Artist seeking community, and support in having a voice, then do come along to take part in these sessions.

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