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Activity Days

Meeting the needs of the London Autistic Community


Social Time

The main purpose of our Activity Days are to bring the Autistic Community together. 

This is a opportunity to experience an Autistic-led event in an accessible, inclusive safe space. 

Come and share the experience with your Neurodivergent peers.  We understand that social anxiety can be high when entering a new unknown place, especially after a journey to get there.

There is no pressure to engage with people. 
Everyone can move along at their own pace. 
There are free refreshments and sensory items to help attendees to self-regulate and recover their energy. 

You may simply want to sit, observe and get used to the surroundings. 
When you decide you are comfortable to engage, then feel free to join a table and enter into conversation. 
We hope that by creating this space, the opportunities for social connection among Autistic people will become less of a rarity. 

The use of this fantastic venue is very much appreciated by all who attend.  Seeing the wonderful reaction from the London Autistic Community has shown us how needed such spaces are. 

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