Who Are We?

We are a unique Charity serving the Autistic Community of London and surrounding Counties in the UK.

We are led by Autistic people and kind, compassionate allies.

We leverage the insight of lived-experience to support  Autistic people at every stage of their lives. 

We offer both Mental Health and Material Support to Autistic people and Carers.  

Community Events

We are proud to announce our monthly drop-in-for-a-chat & community cafe has kicked off!

It will be happening every 2nd Sunday of the month at St Andrew's Church Hall in Southgate. Our friendly volunteers will be there with tea, coffee, biscuits and some sensory toys and we would love for you to pop in for a chat.

These events will be posted in advance on the public 
London Autism Group Charity Facebook page.

Volunteer Group

London Autism Group Charity

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference


A word from our Founder

A very warm welcome to the London Autism Group Charity. 
The London Autism Group Charity aims to build on the work we have started with ‘London Autism Group’, our Facebook support group.
In this way we aim in the long-term to bring a wide range of targeted activities, to eventually offer help at every stage of an Autistic person's life and to carers.

The Trustees

Our dedicated team of trustees meet regularly to plan and help carry out the aims of the charity. Ideas are discussed and developed to fit into our long term plans. One of our major achievements to date is the creation of a popular and informative format: The Autism Podcast, where members of the team interview leading personalities, professionals and rights campaigners.  

The Charity Committees

One of the main reasons for the founding of London Autism Group was the lack of support for Autistic people and their families. We aim to address this by setting up charity committees in different parts of London to help make our goals a reality.


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