**Latest Charity News**

London Autism Group Charity is proud to be working with the amazing Stack Recruitment, to support their drive to change the face of employment nationally and to increase the presence of neurodiversity in the work place.

Stack Recruitment

They receive a large number of job vacancies across many  professions that are specifically for Autistic people. These are from many large inclusive employers who subscribe to neurodiversity principles.

Please check out their website for any help you may need with finding and preparing for employment.

**Charity News**

London Autism Group Charity is delighted to have supported these two talented young autistic advocates on their social media journey:

My Autistic Sparkle
Green Streak

We can't wait to see their future videos and what they go on to achieve in the future.

Please check out their past social media activities and stayed tuned for the future ones!

If you wish to nominate someone living in or close to London, who may be in need of some support starting their advocacy journey, then please email us at: contact@londonautismgroupcharity.org. We are particularly keen to help younger autistic people.

**Special Announcement**

During the current coronavirus crisis, we are creating a number of support services for the Autism Community. As part of this, we are looking for volunteers with a background in mental health. Please see our Volunteer page for further details and to apply. Many thanks!

There is also a new Community Resources page in the Useful Information section, where we will give updates on support services for covid19.

**Mental  Health events during the Covid-19 crisis**

To support the Autism community's mental health during this coronavirus epidemic, the London Autism Group Charity have arranged several Q & A  livestreams. 

These events take place on the public 
Facebook London Autism Group Charity page.


**Survey of parents and carers during Covid-19**

The London Autism Group Charity are proud to have supported a very important survey of parents and family carers' (of autistic children and young people) experiences during Covid-19.

The results from this collaborative research project have concluded that despite the relaxed legislation on lockdown measures for autistic people, a majority of people asked said that the needs of autistic people and their families were not adequately planned for, or addressed by officials during the pandemic.

Further Details...

Volunteer Group

A word from our Founder

A very warm welcome to the London Autism Group Charity. 
The London Autism Group Charity aims to build on the work we have started with ‘
London Autism Group’, our Facebook support group.
In this way we aim in the long-term to bring a wide range of targeted activities, to eventually offer help at every stage of an Autistic person's life and to carers.

The Trustees

Our dedicated team of trustees meet regularly to plan and help carry out the aims of the charity. Ideas are discussed and developed to fit into our long term plans. One of our major achievements to date is the creation of a popular and informative format: The Autism Podcast, where members of the team interview leading personalities, professionals and rights campaigners.  

The Charity Committees

One of the main reasons for the founding of London Autism Group was the lack of support for Autistic people and their families. We aim to address this by setting up charity committees in different parts of London to help make our goals a reality.


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