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What might Autism Training for the NHS look like?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

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It will of course, depend on who is doing the training. My own experience of battling to get a referral from reluctant GPs, speaks volumes to me. And then the questions... Like trying out different lenses in an eye test, Blurred words and meandering questions that confused. Autistic sisters and brothers, I hear your words.

I see myself in you so clearly. I identify. I totally get you.

How is it then, that when I look at the way Autism is diagnosed, I feel so lost?

The disbelieving eyes of doctors, blind to my anxiety, locked inside. Oblivious of the hurt they were causing in their denial. Sense-blind to my silence, to the words that would not form. Their tests, so stuck in a neurotypical narrative, seemed out of place. So obsessed with our fitting in.

Acceptance is about the world adapting a little, to fit in with our needs.

Surely it is about time we are listened to, not talked down to.

When is the time that our vision is expressed?

And our truths spoken?

When will the right to our own culture be recognised?

Time to see a little through our eyes...

There are more and better things to talk about than functioning labels and deficits.

Change the narrative. And let us make sure that it will be a positive one.

A blue eye with the caption: what might Autism training for the NHS look like?

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