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News Article 90

September, 12, 2023

Tune in to our radio show 'All about Autism' on LGR on the first Thursday of every month, at 7pm. Or listen to past episodes on our Youtube channel.

Did you know that our very own Chris Papadopoulos, Ellie Kolatsi and Sophia Christophi do a monthly show All About Autism on London Greek Radio?

This is a community radio initiative aimed at increasing understanding, #AutismAcceptance and reducing #AutismStigma principally within the Greek and Greek Cypriot Community of London. However, the content is relevant to the whole Autism Community.

The recordings of the past episodes are now on our Youtube channel. They provide a very nice introduction to #Autism and #Neurodiversity, and are very informative for #Autistic people and parent/carers alike.

Do give it a listen, and of course please share to your friends and family. A lot of time is spent focusing on the myths, misinformation and misconceptions that exist in Society.

Therefore it is perfect for people who don’t know much at all about Autism, and who would benefit from learning. This includes learning from the latest #AutisticLed thinking about Autism, drawing on lived-experience to explain key concepts and much more.

We would appreciate that if you like our content, you subscribe to our Youtube channel and click the notification bell, so that you can stay up to date on all of our future content.

Thank you so much.

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