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Activity Days

Meeting the needs of the London Autistic Community


Music Therapy

We have a fantastic music therapist who attends for the first hour of every Activity Day.  
He will adapt the sessions for the whole Autistic Community, so if you fancy making a request then do feel free to approach him. 

Music therapy at our Activity Day sessions is also suitable for people with Learning Difficulties and for complex needs. These sessions can have a benefit to mental health and well being.

Music Therapy has the effect of limiting your talking during the sessions, which levels the playing field if some attendees have very limited or no speech. This puts everyone on a more equal footing. It can take the pressure off everyone in many ways and open up alternative forms of communication for all. For many, this is a liberating experience. 

For those with communication and sensory difficulties, having things demanded of them can be very stressful. Music Therapy offers a low-demand environment where there is potential for learning new skills and interacting with others.

The music creates an atmosphere where those that attend have complete freedom within the provided space of simple instruments, cushions and some lycra sheets to wrap them in. 

The participants in the group can share the experience of the therapist playing the piano or the guitar, or taking requests for their favourite songs.

A music therapist uses observation of a person's body language and actions to gauge their mood. They will then play music in the moment, which reflects those emotions. For example if a child is happy, sad or moody, then they will play music to reflect this. The music helps the group recognise and express their emotions in a safe relaxing environment. It can calm social anxiety as an alternative shared experience, without the need for social communication.

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