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Impactful Autistic Voices

Kieran Rose  –  The Autistic Advocate

Lyric Rivera  –  Neurodivergent Rebel

The Autistic AvengerAutistic Self-Advocate

Bobbi ElmanNeurodivergent Consultancy, Training and Support

Aucademy  - Autistic Educative Platform

Emma Dalmayne – Advocate and Activist

Dr Chloe Farahar   - Specialist in Autistic Identity & Research 

Emergent Divergence  - Expert on Addiction, Mental Health, and the Autistic Experience

Joanna Grace  –  Sensory Engagement & Inclusion Specialist

Dr Annette Foster - Expert on Autistic Identity. Online consultancy for Autistic people to improve Mental Health.

Neuroclastic  - Autistic writers on Issues and Autistic Rights

Fiona Clarke – Director of Infinite Autism, Speaker

Tigger Pritchard – The Autistic Coffee Shop

Amythest Schaber  – Ask An Autistic        

The Autistic OT  – Educational Facebook page  

Eve Reiland  – International Autistic Rights campaigner

Fierce Autie – International Autistic Rights campaigner

Joseph Redford – Committee Member Autistic UK   

Autistic Inclusive Meets – Autistic-led Community Organisation

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – News and Resources from Autistic people, professionals and parents

Gecko Community – Innovative teaching and support for students struggling in Mainstream education

The Nurture Programme – Jodie offers bespoke training for teachers, professionals & parents & carers

Rachel Cullen  -  Public Speaking on Autistic Language Hypothesis and advice relating to the Autistic experience.

NEST - Diagnosis and support for Autism and PDA 

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