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Autistic-led Research

Leading Autistic Researchers putting the case against outdated thinking and Autism training:





Important Research Papers:


Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavior analysis

Henny Kupferstein


Autistic and Non-Autistic Adults accounts of sensory experiences and stimming

Dr Rebecca A.Charlton and Gabrielle Nwaordu


A conceptual analysis of Autistic Masking:
Understanding the narrative of Stigma and the illusion of choice

Amy Pearson and Keiran Rose


Social camouflaging in autism: Is it time to lose the mask?

Will Mandy

First Published September 25, 2019 Editorial Find in PubMed


Extending the Minority Stress Model to Understand Mental Health Problems Experienced by the Autistic Population

Monique Botha, David M. Frost


Does Language Matter? Identity-First Versus Person-First Language Use in Autism Research:
A Response to Vivanti

Monique Botha,  Jacqueline Hanlon & Gemma Louise Williams

Everyday ableism and hate speech
Damian Milton


Disposable dispositions: reflections upon the work of Iris Marion Young in relation to the social oppression of autistic people
Damian Milton


Double Empathy: The double empathy problem 
Damian Milton, Brett Heasman, Elizabeth Sheppard


Double Empathy: Why Autistic People Are Often Misunderstood

Catherine J. Crompton, Kilee DeBrabander, Brett Heasman, Damian Milton, Noah Sasson


Policing: An International Journal

A pilot study of co-produced autism training for police custody staff: evaluating the impact on perceived knowledge change and behaviour intentions.
Chloe Holloway, Nell Munro, Kleio Cossburn, Danielle Ropar


Autistic Self-Advocacy and the Neurodiversity Movement: Implications for Autism Early Intervention Research and Practice.

Kathy Leadbitter , Karen Leneh Buckle,  Ceri Ellis, and Martijn Dekker


New report finds widespread abuse of autistic people:

'I felt like I deserved it because I was autistic': Understanding the impact of interpersonal victimisation in the lives of autistic people.

Amy Pearson, Kieran Rose, Jon Rees

Untapped talent: neurodiversity in the workplace

New research on 'Workplace Neurodiversity - the power of difference', which explores the lived experiences of, and attitudes towards, neurodivergents. Dr Arwen Wilcock, Research Manager at The Institute of Leadership and Management shares the highlights, in discussion with our research partner, Infinite Autism's MD, Kieran Rose.

Empirical Failures of the Claim That Autistic People Lack a Theory of Mind

Morton Ann Gernsbacher and Melanie Yergeau

This research is one piece of several that at last sheds new light on the myth that Autistic people are supposed to not comprehend Theory of Mind, ie lack the ability to see things from another person's point of view or imagine what it would be like to be someone else.  For decades research has been done to reinforce this belief, much of it coming from the UK, with vast sums of money spent on it.  New research however continues to debunk this and show the flaws in old thinking. This research reveals some of those flaws and the incredible harm that is done to Society by assuming that these claims are true.

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