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Autistic Pride. As important as our target... Our AIM.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Never have a crowd

Been more tolerant and proud,

Of each and every member,

Each voice, whether soft, loud, without or within.

We celebrate together

All of our shared differences,

Drink deep at the well

Of each neuro-divergent thought.

Springing to your feet before us

Upright and strong.

Mother of a movement,

Leader of our song.

One with the growing season.

One by one, you release them,

Diverse and joyful voices of reason.

One by one they give voice

To all of our inner voices.

Speeches that resonate with our ideals,

Stirring the soul to life.

Acknowledging the difficulties,

Condemning the injustices.

Inspiring and enriching the heart.

Ideas and ideals,

Achievements lauded

Ambitions for change still to come.

All of these hopeful streams,

Running in rivulets

To pour upon our consciousness.

Nourishing thought.

Strengthening the heart.

Soothing minds made taut

With tension and worry.

Helping to carry the load.

Imparting such skillful support.

On such a precious afternoon,

Among true family

Masks are unnecessary.

The barriers are lowered

As our selves are set free

In togetherness.

To flow on languid seas,

Alive with aspirant dream. Created along with a poem by James Gordon to celebrate Autistic Pride, after experiencing the Autistic Inclusive Meets Autistic Pride gathering in 2019. Hence the Title 'As important as our target... Our AIM'.

Autistic Pride word cloud

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