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Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy on Autism and Neurodiversity to organisations, employers and educational institutions.

  1. We will help companies to support autistic employees appropriately, by enabling them to provide a more relaxing and inclusive work environment. This in turn will help you to get the most out of employees and ensure that they can reach their full potential. 

  2. We will support  Media organisations looking to ensure that their
    autistic representation is accurate and appropriate.


  3. We also offer guidance to educational institutions on how to support neurodivergent students and to help make schools, colleges and universities autistic friendly.


To get in contact you can use our contact page form or email us:

Research Services

As part of our cost-to-support research framework, we have implemented a structured fee system to manage and support research initiatives effectively.

For advertising on our primary London Autism Group Facebook Group, the fee is £50, which ensures visibility among our highly engaged community.

Alternatively, for heightened exposure, you can opt for the @everyone tag at £100, which includes additional post 'bumps' to maximise reach.

Additionally, we offer promotional services across our WhatsApp community groups and other social media platforms, detailed in our fee structure, should you seek wider dissemination.

To proceed with a request for this service, please provide the following:

  • Evidence of ethics approval.

  • Detailed methodological protocols of your study.

  • Confirmation that your study is conducted at the PhD level.

  • A statement highlighting how your research will benefit the autistic community, aligning with the principles of neurodiversity and the social model of autism.

We also encourage researchers to engage in autistic co-production and to acknowledge the support provided by our charity in any resulting publications or presentations.

Please send the required documents and any additional information to

Upon review, we will confirm your advertising schedule and provide details for the payment process, which is exclusively via bank transfer.

We look forward to the possibility of supporting your important research and thank you for considering the London Autism Group Charity as a partner in your academic journey.

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