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Autistic Advocacy and Activism Organisations

At the London Autism Group Charity, we believe and seek to support the principle that Autistic Rights are Human Rights. Here are some Autistic-led organisations that pursue and uphold that ideal.


Autistic UK     
This is an important Autistic Rights Organisation run by autistic people. 
It's advocates are at the fore-front of the battle for autistic civil and human rights, leading campaigns that strengthen these freedoms.  


The Autistic Co-operative    
An international networking organising for Advocacy organisations worldwide, with over 100 member organisations, including ASAN, ASAN AUNZ, Autistic UK, ASNZ, and 700+ individual members, from over 60 countries.



Neurodivergent Labour
A representative and campaigning organisation of Labour Party members and supporters who are neurologically divergent (autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic or otherwise atypical).



Infinite Autism 
The Social Enterprise:  The business side of Infinite Autism is consultancy, training and public speaking.Through Infinite Autism Kieran consults for, among others, Durham Constabulary and Durham Constabulary Autism Association, North East Autism Society and FIGS UK, along with consulting on a variety of research projects.

Autistic Inclusive Meets  Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) is an organisation for the support of autistic adults and parents/ carers of autistic children. Educating about neurodiversity and against autistic mistreatment. Based in Woolwich SE London.

International Badass Activists                         
A peer-led organisation focused on activism campaignsstigma bustingdivergent news and educationpeer community developmentAutistic-to-NT bridge-building projectsand other badass initiatives to support the Neurodiversity Civil Rights Movement.

Founded by Eve Reiland, Autistic Activist & Co-Founder of The Autistic Cooperative.

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