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Young Advocates we Support through Sponsorship

Enabling Autistic Voices

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Amity Sings

Singer songwriter

Amity is a 16-year-old competition-winning singer songwriter, featured in the The Guardian as having "miraculous" vocals, "dense surreal lyricism", described as "a true prodigy on... stage" (QClub, Shoreditch) and compared to Adele, Regina Spektor, Judy Garland and Ian Dury by Guardian journalist Zoe Williams.
In just 8 months since their first live performance, Amity's powerhouse voice and vivid lyrics have led to them being invited to be a regular performer at the Q Club in Shoreditch with Sessions58 Rise, where they are the youngest-ever artist, and as a featured artist at numerous venues across London. In recent months, Amity's been a finalist in Undiscovered Talent UK, a semi finalist in the prestigious international UK Songwriting Contest and has been talent scouted by  TV channels on both sides of the Atlantic.
Amity's first collab release, Boundaries (Stand Tall), comes out later this spring on MC Reef's upcoming album. Amity is proudly Autistic and Trans. 

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My Autistic Sparkle

Young Autistic Advocate

A special congratulations to young Autistic advocate in the making: 'My Autistic Sparkle'.
Well done for having worked so hard and for having such an impact across the world for young Autistic people. Your positivity and feisty nature always make us smile. We are super proud to support you on your journey as a social media influencer.
My Autistic Sparkle makes videos on social media.
She is a role model for all young people, especially  young Neurodivergent people.  She uses her own knowledge and experiences to educate people on Autism, stimming and all things fun.  

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