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Community Resources

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we are creating a number of support services for the Autism Community. This is to protect and support the good mental health of us all. These turbulent and unpredictable days have made our lives, as autistic people and families of autistics, even more difficult.  To this end, we are going to be coming forward with a range of support measures, the first of which is this list of useful resources.

London Autism Group Charity Livestreams

To support the Autism community's mental health during this coronavirus epidemic, the London Autism Group Charity have arranged for Facebook Livestreams with special guests including NHS professionals, SEND Experts and Autistic Advocates. It is an opportunity for people to watch the stream and for those who are worried or having problems to put questions to our guests, and receive their advice.
The videos will also be available soon after broadcast at our public Facebook page and on our charity's YouTube channel, with some also available as podcasts on The Autism Podcast.
Guests will join charity lead Dr Chris Papadopoulos and Trustee James Gordon for a public livestream every Friday at 8.30pm - 9.30pm GMT (and other days when possible) on the public London Autism Group Charity Facebook page.

Please feel free to join us.

Mencap Covid-19 Resources

Free Learning Disability Helpline  
Monday to Friday: call 0808 808 1111

   Also Helpful and concise advice on:

Online therapy service to offer free sessions across UK.


Help Hub aims to help vulnerable older people and others who are self-isolating or struggling


Source:The Guardian

Making A Difference

BBC Radio London are sharing help and information from organisations and individuals in your local area.


SEN Jungle Article:

Legal SEND advice concerning SEND appeals etc during the current period.

Source:SEN Jungle

Useful links for home education

The resources at the top are inclusive resources, the ones in the second section are specific to the virus and the ones at the bottom of the page are aimed at mainstream and mixed audience.

Source:Jo Grace

Coping with uncertainty 

Resources, thoughts and tools on how to cope with uncertainty and the anxiety it generates.


Coping advice from Purple Ella

The wonderful Purple Ella gives advice on coping with the lifestyle changes caused by lockdown. Great tips on creating a new structured routine.

Source:Purple Ella

Story About Pandemics & Coronavirus

Social Story by a well known consultant for Autistic people. 

Source:Carol Gray

Neurodiversity - Covid19 Support

Facebook Support Group for Neurodivergents, their parents, families and friends.

Source:Soumaya Bhyer

The Best Medicine - 21 Days of Self-Care

Access the full 21 Days of Self-Care that are available at The Best Medicine website.
Packed with mindful techniques to reduce stress, panic and anxiety. Using breathing, meditation, and laughter as the body's  natural stress relievers.

Source:Katie White

Coming out on Top: Autism, Covid, and Post-traumatic Growth

Some essential tips on coronavirus, getting help, how to survive and thrive, avoiding burnout and maintaining goals.

By:Russell James 

Autistic Youtubers
The following are links to video responses of various Autistic Youtubers to their experiences of the coronavirus.


Source:Purple Ella

Source:Sez Francis

Source:Life with Autism Ben

Source:Indie Andy

Autism COVID-19 Individual Health Action Plan.

A clear and concise plan complete with visuals. 

Source: Jessica Doyle

Autism COVID-19 Visual and Story resource

Free COVID-19 stories to help autistic children. Check them out. 

Source: Autism Little Learners

Suggested resources to help you support your primary-aged children with pandemic/change related anxieties

Source: Emma Gilbody
(Primary School Teacher)

“Everybody worries” by Jon Burgerman is lovely book for children about how it is normal to worry sometimes and what we can do to try and mitigate it. This was shared by our school counsellor in a mental health awareness assembly.

“My Hero Is You” is an e-book created by mental health professionals to teach children what they can do to help keep themselves and others safe. It’s very engaging for younger children (particularly those who like a little bit of fantasy and magic!) 

For fans of the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books: Donaldson and Scheffler have created some corona virus themed cartoons featuring their well-loved characters. The children really enjoy finding their favourites.

“Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home” by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul is another story about classic characters dealing with changes caused by the pandemic. I shared this with my own class (year 1) and they loved it!

Lots of sensory zoom and video activities from Sense
Sense is a UK charity for everyone living with complex disabilities. Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world.

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